5star-flat-hr_smReviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite

Eminent Crimes is a legal thriller written by Adelene Ellenberg. Robert and Maureen Jaston own a family farm that’s been in Robert’s family for generations. When they are approached by Mickey Quinn and his attorney with an offer for the land, Robert sends them away. Quinn is not giving up on his idea of building a casino on the Jaston acres, however, so he decides to take the land through eminent domain. Quinn can do that under the common law principle established by the Supreme Court in the Kelo vs. The City of New London decision. All he needs to do is convince the three City of Longbottom selectmen to seize the land, and greed is a great incentive. Quinn has extensive influence throughout the legal community and the judicial system, and Robert has little success finding an attorney to represent him, until his wife contacts Anna Ebert, an attorney who is not under Quinn’s control.

Adelene Ellenberg’s legal thriller, Eminent Crimes, is absorbing and entertaining. It’s based on a real decision that expanded the eminent domain rule from use by the government to include private interests. I found this story to be chilling and inspirational all at once. I enjoyed seeing how Ebert and the Jastons find a way to fight a law that’s been decided by the highest court in the land. Their grassroots recall campaign is well-presented, and the opposition the Jastons face both with the selectmen and the City Clerk is convincing and sadly seems all-too-real. There are heroes and villains in Eminent Crimes, and each of them is a well-defined and fully-fleshed character. Eminent Crimes takes a frank look at the abuses made possible by an ill-considered Supreme Court decision and outlines the challenges aggrieved plaintiffs face when fighting to retain their property; and it’s presented in an exciting and fast-paced thriller. Eminent Crimes is highly recommended.


Reviewed By Cheryl E. Rodriguez for Readers’ Favorite

Eminent Crimes is an outstanding, heart-throbbing crime novel. The story baits you with a great narrative hook, and then pulls you into its dynamic plot scheme. Adelene Ellenberg’s political tale is full of action and vivid descriptions. She paints a captivating story, and brings it to life with waves of emotion. Eminent Crimes depicts the controversy of “eminent domain” by revealing the greed of the lofty over the individual land owner. Does the good of the many outweigh the good of the few or the one? At what cost or measure? And who has the right or power to decide? This is the conflict that propels the action of the characters. The cast of characters are written with depth and intensity, all arcing with precision at the climax. The protagonist’s strength of character to rise up and defend, versus the antagonist’s willingness to stoop to the depths of criminal corruption to take, make it a fast paced, can’t put it down, enthralling read. As the action begins to fall, hold on! It isn’t over yet. A few more surprises await you. Ellenberg keeps the reader engaged until the very end.


Reviewed By Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite • 5 Stars

Eminent Crimes by Adelene Ellenberg is a lovely book. Robert Jaston’s dairy farm has been in his family for generations, and he intends to keep it that way. But Michael Quinn, the town’s powerful, unscrupulous businessman wants the farm to complete his casino deal. He doesn’t care how it is acquired and bribes the council officials to seize the land. Robert hires Anna Ebert, a fearless lawyer with a personal vendetta against the officials. She files a petition for the Jastons, and urges Michael to become the new council official. The court clerk and other persons on Michael’s payroll will do anything to stop this. The case takes an unexpected turn when Michael’s wife goes missing after testifying. Robert swears no one will take his farm over his dead body, but he may regret uttering those words.

If you’re looking for a light hearted mystery, then Eminent Crimes, A Legal Thriller by Adelene Ellenberg will catch your attention from the beginning. This very short story has a good plot and interesting characters. I like the small town setting, and think the author describes its corruption and the problems some residents face very nicely. She writes confidently and does not waste time with unnecessary words. Her sentence structures attests to this, enabling the story to move at a fast pace. The dialogue was unforced and at times quite amusing. Certain characters were able to express their thoughts and I liked that. The conclusion was appropriate with a couple of unexpected twists.


Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite

The Jaston farmland was their family pride and legacy. Robert inherited it from his father who got it from his own father. So, when the suits showed up one day wanting to buy the farm, Robert and Maureen said no way. But those who wanted the land were used to getting what they wanted and were not afraid to play dirty; so they came up with a dubious plan to forcefully take the land using the town’s corrupt selectmen. The Jastons decided to seek legal advice on their chances of fighting to keep the land – they landed a lawyer who was eager to take on the case because she had a long overdue personal score to settle with Mickey, the key conspirator against the Jastons. However, the lawyer knew that winning the case on its legal merits would not be possible and she decided to attack it on the political front. So off they started on the long and challenging process of a recall election against the town’s selectmen in an attempt to reverse the vote on their farmland, but their opponents were more powerful, better connected and very dubious and ruthless.

Eminent Crimes by Adelene Ellenberg is a highly captivating legal and political thriller. The novel exposes how deep corruption runs in public office and the massive abuse of power that the elected leaders practice in a bid to fill their own pockets, with no regard to the way their decisions affect the common man. It is a very gripping story and all the characters are special and compelling, but I was more charmed by the Jastons’ lawyer. Her way of thinking was absolutely amazing and for every scenario and challenge the case faced, she was always able to come up with a counter-attack that surpassed the challenge. Her quick and out of the box way of thinking ensured that she was always able to meet whatever challenge was thrown at her with a better action. Adelene Ellenberg wrote a one of a kind story and it is an amazing read for all fans of legal and political thrillers.