The Gambler

My ex-husband gambles on steamboats that ply the Mississippi River. He freaks out fellow gamblers by cultivating the creepy company of a black crow that perches on his left shoulder.…Read more
Working the Margins

Working the Margins

(a “character” preview to “EMINENT CRIMES”) I’m the Town Clerk for Longbottom, Massachusetts. I’ve been in office for 27 years. Once, I had opposition. I ran the election, and my…Read more

Poet Tumbled Loose

Her life was like a jail. She zippered shut her lips at teachers’ misunderstandings, playground bullies, her stepfather’s drunken rages. The written word kept her alive. Years later, her husband…Read more

Lost and Found

The pizza joint below the apartment had closed, but lingering smells made everyone drool for greasy food. It was midnight, downtown. My lust-magnet, Tom, and me had met college friends. Tom said…Read more

In the Middle Years

Long gone the dewy skin of youth, the supple muscles with quick spring, the gleaming brightness of sharp tooth, the dreams of fortune taking wing. Now it’s time to pause…Read more