EMINENT CRIMES: A Legal Thriller

newbookcover1Small town politics
can be murder.

When Robert Jaston, A Massachusetts dairy farmer, learns that the three-person board who governs the town has voted to take his land by eminent domain, making way for a gambling casino, he says, “Over my dead body!”

He hires the only attorney who will take his case, a young woman also at odds with the town establishment. She wages war in the courtroom, while he battles the underhanded maneuvers of those who hold all the cards.

Together, their tactics enrage their opposition until someone “buys the farm!”


Adelene Ellenberg has written her legal thriller “EMINENT CRIMES: A Legal Thriller” based upon an actual United States Supreme Court case that has ramifications for us all. She knows that the law can be either a weapon or a shield; the weak need protection from the strong.

Jack Magnus reviews…

“Adelene Ellenberg’s legal thriller, Eminent Crimes, is absorbing and entertaining. It’s based on a real decision that expanded the eminent domain rule from use by the government to include private interests. I found this story to be chilling and inspirational all at once. I enjoyed seeing how Ebert and the Jastons find a way to fight a law that’s been decided by the highest court in the land. Their grassroots recall campaign is well-presented, and the opposition the Jastons face both with the selectmen and the City Clerk is convincing and sadly seems all-too-real. There are heroes and villains in Eminent Crimes, and each of them is a well-defined and fully-fleshed character.”  Click here to read this review in full as well as other reviews.